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Social Networking

What is twitter? I never really knew and didn’t see the point. It seemed like an antiquated facebook, or like a facebook prequel. Then I started to get heavy into the mobile phone rooting / modding scene and those people are all about twitter – so, I joined up and still use it regularly. When people ask what it’s good for, this is what I tell them.

It’s good for two things. One, primarily for geeks – most of the latest news and updates goes out on twitter first. Geeks don’t like facebook and some vacillate between google + and twitter.  So, I’m primarily on there for the geekdom. But, the second thing that happened was the six degrees with celebrities. I found I could follow celebrities (without them needing to “accept” me as a friend) and read posts from them. In rare situations, can directly communicate with them by tweeting back (yes, I mean you @rezafarahan) – which, ya know, it’s just kinda cool to send a tweet to Jerry Seinfeld – whether he reads it or not.  I think that’s probably the biggest difference if you boil it down – you can “follow” people without the need for permission (obviously the hallmark of facebook and a part of google + as well).

Hey, does anyone still my space?


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